Friday, January 10, 2014


Not my mood, surprisingly. God has us in His hands, I just know it. It's been so dreary and grey outside these past few days. I needed to see some blue! Luckily, I only had to look around my kitchen this morning to see shades of blue. I'm not sure when blue became one of my favorite colors, but there is no denying it is now.

 The Professor has been down with a little cold. This little teapot is getting a workout.

 Our new art gallery calendar for 2014. (Affiliate link.)

 Chickpeas ready to be spiced and roasted. They tasted oh so good. Like a healthy version of a corn nut. If you know what a corn nut is, I love you!

She's not blue, but she sure is a little bit of sunshine!

What's your favorite color? Do you know why?


  1. I love all the pictures, but that last is my favorite! SO cute!
    Blue has never been one of my favorites, but it sure looks pretty in this post!

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  3. Your little bit of sunshine brings a little bit of sunshine to your readers every time we see her :)

  4. She is pretty cute, love the last photo! I know what a corn nut is, and I (to this day) really like them, but almost never enjoy them. I will be trying the chick pea version!

  5. Blue is definitely my favorite. It used to be green, but somehow blue edged it out. My bed linens are blue and my living room furniture is blue. I love blue and white together as in fine porcelain I love dark blue glass. I'm not sure why I love blue, just that it calms me, soothes me. And there aren't really any icky shades of blue. I think green might have lost out because it is harder to find nice things in the right shades of green. Green can so easily look sickly but blue never does.
    Dom made the roasted chickpeas recently but I don't think he cooked them long enough. The flavor was good, surprisingly addictive, but they weren't crunchy enough.

  6. Hmmm, my husband likes me best in blue, so I guess it should be my favorite color; however, I think it's green. I grew up in the brown desert, devoid of greenness, and I guess in rebellion and because it means "growth and life" to me, I want green around me. After I married we lived in New England for awhile and that further embedded green-loving in me.


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