Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes :: In (Mostly) Pictures


Our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book club included lots of fun treats for the kids to make: Edible Teacups, Chocolate Spoons, Crazy Colored Mustaches, Fairy Wands, and Candy Sushi. Next time, we won't pick this book during Lent!

The Princess is not amused...


…until mama busts out the REAL paints. Watercolor pencils just don't cut it. 

We are beginning a new adventure with our teens… a monthly board game playing afternoon. First up was Lord of the Rings Risk. Huge success all around!

 I had a custom request come in that allowed me to get a little creative and try my hand at some new designs. The one on the far left is St. Genevieve, one of my first designs. Can you tell who the other two saints are?
Sadly, I have to admit that it wasn't until someone else requested St. Teresa of Avila that I actually made a St. Teresa of Avila. I had thought about making one but just hadn't gotten around to it. There is one already waiting to go in Cupcake's Easter basket. 

An IG friend mentioned that she thought she could make a coffee table book with pictures of ugly waiting room carpet. This is my contribution. It was at the orthodontist's office. Is it just me or do those look like tiny little teeth lined up in rows? Creepy. BTW…we LOVE our orthodontist! Just not his carpet. And with two already in braces, a third on the way and BigBoy starting Phase I of his treatment soon, we will be spending a lot of time trying not to count the creepy tiny teeth on the floor.

For those of you who might be interested, there are some new kits and dolls up in the shop. I'm going to be doing a giveaway next week and then I plan to put the shop "on vacation" starting April 6th through Easter. 


  1. Look at Cupcakes soft, curly locks! Your etsy crafts are so beautiful :)

    1. I can't bear the thought of cutting those curls for fear they might not come back!

  2. Are the other two Saint Anne and St. Scholastica?

    1. St. Scholastica is right, but the other is St. Angela Merici. She was a hard one to find a good picture for.

  3. Your stitching looks great! Love the designs.

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I'm still working on learning new stitches so I keep using my old standbys in the meantime.

  4. Those edible teacups look delicious! (and now I can't stop think about that creepy carpet... ;) )

  5. The princess is beautiful. I love seeing pictures of her.

  6. Oh Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Lent? Yeah, maybe not, lol! Looks like it was fun though!
    I do love your dolls they are so precious!


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