Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Shakespeare Chat :: Macbeth :: Next Friday

From comedy to tragedy... so goes life and so goes our little summer Shakespeare excursion. I really enjoyed our last conversation and can't wait to see what you guys think of this next choice...
...mostly because there is the potential for y'all to hate it with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. (If you do... blame Cari! I'm kidding. Maybe not.)

This is part of the ShakespeaRe-told series from the BBC. They took four of Shakespeare's beloved stories and gave them completely modern makeovers (including language) and aired them in mini-series format. This adaptation of The Scottish Play takes place in a high profile celebrity chef's restaurant in Glasgow. You can find it in 10 minute chunks on YouTube or purchase the DVD at Amazon or maybe check your local library. I have been pleasantly surprised at what I've been able to find at our library.

Again, let me point out that this version is not true to the language of the Bard. But before anyone beats their breast in angst, know that our purpose for these little get togethers is discussion and there is soooooo much here to discuss!

What makes Shakespeare Shakespeare? Is it the language? Is it the timeless themes? Is it the narrative? Do you mind some experimentation? How far is too far in your opinion? Are classically trained actors the only ones who are up to the challenge of Shakespeare's words? And should they ever, ever, ever be turned into a musical? (No. Just. No.)

In other words, give it a try and if you still don't like it, please come tell us why. Offer your opinion as a joke or a fancy if you want, no one will cry blasphemy or treason, and let's get to the discussion! (Just a little George Bernard Shaw paraphrasing to start your day off.)

So, again… figure out how you want to watch this version. Savor it or rail against it. Then either blog about it and link up here next Friday or just come join us in the combox next Friday to chat.

Did I mention the link up is next Friday? :)