Thursday, June 5, 2014

{p,h,f,r} June 5th :: Park play & Shakespeare!


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Somebody decided she's done with baby swings… sniff sniff.

I love her curls in the sunlight!
We've been spending our mornings at the park. It's the coolest part of the day and it lets my big kids have some quiet time to work on their school work for the day. We are kind-of-sort-of year round schoolers and some are still catching up from switching back to Saxon Math so math and a few other subjects will continue through July and then we will start our "next year" in August. Just a few subjects though, just enough to keep a little schedule to the day. Our days seems to go so much better when we have a little bit of a schedule to follow.

Miss Cupcake is ready for all things "big girl"… swings… slides...
 …but not "rockwalls", yet! Thank goodness. Of course, Sunshine scurries up them in no time! I'm totally ok with that.

So, I sent my mom a Lily of the Valley for Mother's Day because I thought I remembered her saying that my grandmother used to grow them in her garden. Turns out, I was wrong and it was actually Bells of Ireland that my grandmother worked her green thumb magic on. Not having inherited that gardening gene, I had a vague idea of what a Lily of the Valley looked like but no idea whatsoever about Bells of Ireland. Just last Sunday, we were at Central Market walking by the floral department and look what I spied!

Tomorrow, I will post the next Summer Shakespeare Chat selection. I figure I'll post it this Friday and then post the link-up next Friday and leave it open for a week or two after that. That gives everyone a chance to watch the show and reflect on it and then chat about it.

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