Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My favorite treeschoolers!

So… remember yesterday when I just casually mentioned that everyone loved Katherine's Blossom Tee that Sunshine made... even television costume designers? Here is the rest of the story…

It's no secret that we are huge fans of Signing Time. We've been buying their products supporting their efforts for years, but most specifically, supporting their latest project, Rachel and the Treeschoolers. We have enjoyed these shows deemed "too educational for TV" so much that when the opportunity came up to be a part of the show, we jumped at the chance. It happened that one of the filming locations was in the same city and on the same weekend that my grandmother would be celebrating her 92nd birthday. The perfect opportunity for some family fun! Since they only film ages 2-10, both Cupcake and BigBoy were able to participate.

First up, BigBoy played the piano for them and filmed quite a few lines. He was really good at delivering lines on the first take. He might end up in multiple episodes. While he was being filmed, they decided on an outfit for Cupcake. We brought the Blossom Tee that Sunshine made for her with a little skirt. They loved it! The costume designer even went upstairs to chat with Sunshine about it, she loved it so much. The crew had already filmed so much pink on other children earlier and they like to have a color variety in the show, so putting her little green dress over it was a perfect compromise. They tried to get some solo shots of the Cupcake, but the boom (mic) was really bothering her so I'm not sure how successful those were. Then they moved on to some brother/sister scenes. One of them was with a paper airplane. The one you see being filmed below was doing an experiment with oil and water.
 The tall guy is Rachel's husband, Aaron Coleman). He is really tall!
 That's Alex's mom in the white visor. She was the director for the shoot and such a nice lady. 
 The lights didn't bother Cupcake as much as the microphone. 
 And then came play time! Rachel put on her Signing Time gear so the little ones would recognize her. She talked to everyone and took pictures. It was such a great experience. These people are the nicest, most down to earth people! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. It couldn't have been a better experience. So exciting!
Just a little souvenir from the scenes he filmed.
 Exciting and exhausting...
We can't wait for these episodes to come out. I think they will make excellent Christmas presents, don't you? (Hope everyone in the family thinks so too!)