Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas :: Instagram Recap

Jessica is doing an Instagram recap link-up and I thought it would be fun to play along. Here is my caveat though… my IG is a private account where only a small number of people follow me. If you find me on IG and I don't approve your request to follow me, please don't take offense. I am purposefully keeping my IG account very small. Even though I use my blog name, it really is more of a private account. All three of my older children are now on IG and while we navigate learning to use this social media responsibly, we are all keeping our accounts very small and private. Thanks for understanding!

Twelve Days of Christmas: (there isn't a picture for every day but that's ok)

For the first time in years Sean and I have our own tree to decorate! This little tree was too small for the family anymore so we bought a bigger one for the kids to put their ornaments on and we moved this one to the front room. Some of the kids have never even seen our ornaments before.

✨Merry Christmas! ✨

"Mama, take my picture taking your picture." Biggest hit of Christmas with this three year old. It has a real button to push! (I found it on Etsy. It came with a cord to hang around their neck but my husband has a serious thing about choking toddlers to we cut the cord off. She still loves it.)

"Daddy, will you be my Frog Prince?"

Puppy Chow :: Our favorite New Year's Eve treat has been well guarded all day.

My little helper.

Epiphany Tart cooling. I wasn't going to make one this year but after the Twelfth Night cake disaster yesterday my kids were super excited to see this pretty treat go in the oven.