Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Shower of Roses Sweet Sixteen

It was May and for us that means the start of "Birthday Season" although… it's not just birthdays, we also have an anniversary to celebrate too thrown in the middle there. 

Sunshine turned sixteen over Memorial Day Weekend. She asked for a rose themed birthday. Boy am I glad she was born in May, not February. Roses are cheap in May! Some of them were even blooming right outside in my own flower bed.

She was delighted to get to spend her day visiting with family and friends who showed up and surprised her after Mass with lunch, cupcakes and a lovely card!

She picked out this cake as the cake she wanted. Her wish was my command!

strawberry cake with homemade buttercream frosting. The little blobs of icing at the bottom were to help hold the candles. Not the best idea. I ended up sticking them at an angle into the bottom of the cake. She was tickled pink. This was one of the easiest cakes I've ever decorated. I cut a round piece of waxed paper to cover the cake so that the roses wouldn't drip onto the frosting and put a *blob of frosting in the middle of the waxed paper to help secure the bottom layer of roses. Other than that, the roses are just stacked on top.

*Blob… not sure that's a technical term in the cake decorating world, but you know what I mean.

We hunkered down at home the rest of the day and waited out the storms by watching chick flicks and opening presents! I bought this wrapping paper out of frustration when I couldn't find a single rose themed paper, but I ended up loving it! Tiny little dried roses decorated the tops. 

 My big kids love to make cards for each other. Some are sweet, some are funny, all are beloved.

But eventually...
Miss Cupcake announced, "It's time for cake!!!"
Totally ready for cake!

 Happy Birthday to our darling girl! 
You are beautiful inside and out.