Saturday, July 28, 2007

As different as day and night

After trekking halfway across town to go to confession and Mass this evening we thought a little treat was in order for the troops who were starting to droop and wilt in the back seats. After all, they had been in their Sunday clothes for well over 5 hours now the poor tortured souls!

We decided to stop in at a local burger joint that was hosting a classic car show. Never having been there before, we were quite unaware that the retro decor extended to the old fashioned milkshakes that were served in fancy schmancy fluted glasses!!

Overheard in the booth while we were waiting for the food to arrive (yes... they served us the milkshakes first and yes, we will be going back):

The Professor: How 'bout we wait to drink these when our food comes?

BigBoy: (diving in) How 'bout we say "Hip Hip Hooray"!?!


  1. How cute. And how fun! It's nice to give the kids a treat once in a while. Sounds like they appreciated it. I like to connect the treats to church, too. While we don't do it every Sunday, not even every other Sunday, the only time we eat out is after Mass. Hoepfully the connection will always be subliminal, but definitely positive.

  2. *chuckling*

    I'm with Big Boy....



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