Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Elves, Fairies and Gnomes, OH MY!

A friend of mine (Hi there, Em!) told me about a wonderful little thing called Library Elf and remembering some other people who have had to pay off library fines in installments, or wait for Amnesty Day before daring to cross the threshold and face the steely stares of Madam Librarian, I thought I would introduce you in case you had never heard of this lovely little creature, as I hadn't (until Em).

It's soooooo easy! Elf can track multiple accounts, scampers around all over the country to pop into a number of participating libraries and...he requires nothing in exchange (tiny clothes, first born child, housekeeping)! Check it out and check out with impunity. Be free of the shameful shackles of overdue fines! Maybe your elf will look like Orlando Bloom. (I hope mine doesn't because that guy looks creepy as a blond!)

The fairies and gnomes are of Elizabeth's and Katherine's doing. Go check out their new blog, Serendipity, for some fun stories that my girls have been bugging me to read to them ever since I made the mistake of saying out loud, "A few of my Mommy Friends have made up some fairy stories...." Another day of school on the information super highway! It counts, right?


  1. M,
    My library provides educator cards that accrue no fees. Ask your librarian about it. If they don't offer them, they should.

  2. Our library in Greensboro, NC turns you into the collection agency!!!

  3. Thanks for the ELF tip. What a cool tool!!!! No more late fees!?!?!? Well, I can only pray about that . . . seeing due dates is not the same as getting up and taking them! :-)


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