Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feast of All Saints

Happy All Saints Day! Our celebration began last night with our family party in which, St. George, St. Dorothy and St. Teresa of Avila made an appearance. This year, the kids took on the responsibility of getting a costume together completely on their own with no help from me. I was very proud of what they pulled together and helped each other with.
St. George and his How To Train Your Dragon sweatshirt

St.Teresa of Avila carrying an ice pack for anyone with a headache and St. Dorothy with her apples and roses.

Saintly Scattergories was fun although more of a challenge than the kids or I expected. They really had to think outside the box and were delighted when they came up with an answer that no one else thought of. The categories we came up with were:

Things associated with Christmas
Feast day foods
Things Associated with Communion or Confession
Feast Days
Things associated with Easter
Saints (Men)
Our Lady of. . .
Things Associated with Confirmation
Person in the Bible
Things associated with Advent
Picture books of saints
Things Associated with the Rosary
Symbols Associated with the Saints
Priests (real or fictional)
Saints (Women)
Beliefs Stated in the Apostles Creed
Things Associated with Mary
Things Associated with Baptism
Things Associated with the Mass
Books of the Bible
Titles of Mary
Things associated with Lent

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over our bonfire (firepit) and ate our dinner outside which the kids declared their new favorite way to eat dinner. We ran out of time to play the windows game
but, hey...that's what today is for. Last night was just the kick-off! The scavenger hunt was a huge success! Sean and I had so much fun seeing what the teams came up with. The cleverest was probably the glass of milk that the girls poured to represent St. Catherine of Alexandria. They remembered the story of milk flowing from her neck instead of blood when she was beheaded. Remembering some of the other stories we've read, the boys made a cross out of LEGOs for St. Helena (they didn't want to use and possibly break a crucifix) and they tied a blue blanket around their shoulders for St. Brigid of Ireland.

As you can see, I have no other pictures because our little Holy Innocent demanded my arms and most of my attention all night. How is it babies just know when you want to be doing other things?
A brief moment in Daddy's arms. She doesn't mind sleeping there but when she's awake, it's got to be the Momma!



  1. I love the kids' outfits.:) I'll show our kids so they can get more ideas for next year. It's wonderful how the baby knows she wants to be with you...enjoy that. Nick is so squirmy now and wants to be held by and with Daddy whenever he's around.:( It's beautiful he loves his Daddy so much but sad that he now thinks I'm chopped liver!

  2. She is looking like her papa in this picture!

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  4. I showed the kids these pictures and they just wanted to say that Bigboy is the coolest St. George ever. Excellent helmet!

  5. The perks of our vocation - superglue babies! Little Cupcake is so gorgeous. I loved this post. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

  6. The kids all did such a great job on their costumes! We did end up using your Saint Search Game and it was a hit here as well! Thank you!! :)

    Cupcake looks adorable, as always!


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