Monday, March 12, 2012


A few weeks ago, my granny fell while getting the mail. She broke her tailbone and her pelvic bone. The woman will be 90 this August so it could have been a much worse fall. She has been in a rehab center doing therapy to try to heal (it's not like they can put her in a cast). She is the last grandparent I have alive and my children's only great-grandparent. We made the decision to go see her last Friday. Four hours there with a 6 month old wasn't fun. 6.5 hours to get back felt like pure torture. But seeing this picture that my dad took makes me smile. I know it was worth it.
Her name is Marion but she has always been "Granny" to me. On FB I said:
She's diabetic, so I don't know if that complicates the injury. She's ok for now, just in a lot of pain, poor dear. And yes, I feel a little bit like Lady Mary when I talk about my Granny. She's the Southern Baptist version of the Dowager Countess and could totally give Dame Maggie a run for her money! : )
Sometimes I say "Granny" with a British accent just for fun. Now I want some tea.


  1. Bless you for going to see her. I know the extra inconveniences always seem to mean extra grace! My own grandma took a fall at age 100 (I think her ankle just broke, under her), and she was able to heal and was pretty healthy for several more good years. It can happen. Go Granny!

  2. WE will keep her and her recovery in our prayers. I'm so glad you took the time to go visit her. Good memories for the great grandchildren :)

  3. Such a sweet picture. I just love that girl of yours!!

    Wish I could join you for that cup of tea...

  4. I want to have tea with you all too!! What a treasure you have in her.

  5. I will keep your dear Granny in my prayers Charlotte! I am blessed to have three living grandparents, and my special Grandma's name is Marion too! What a wonderful gift our grandparents are to our children! We just visited my g-parents yesterday and I wish I had gotten a shot of my 10-month-old (who was named after my Grandma) being nuzzled by my Grandpa! I find one of the best rewards of homeschooling is to be able to pack up for the day and visit them!

  6. Your visit to your Granny must have brought her such joy! And special memories for your children and you. It was so worth it! I will keep her and your family in my prayers.

  7. How sweet for the kids to get to visit their great grandmother. We made a similar decision to take the kids, including a six month old, to see my 96 year old grandfather last week. It was a seven hour drive from here to Jacksonville, but worth it for him to get a chance to see them and meet the baby. Thankfully I can still sit next to the baby on the drive... one more kid and that won't be an option because we'll be out of space!!

    Prayers for your Granny's continuing recovery from her fall.

  8. Corporal work of mercy. Check.
    She looks great for 90!

  9. I'm sure she enjoyed the visit! I hope she gets well soon. P.S. There seems to be a problem with your blog, apparently I could edit or erase pretty much anything, kind of if I had hacked your account.

    1. As soon as I hit publish everything went back to normal, I'm not crazy, I swear ;)


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