Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching up...

Melissa Wiley of the fabulous supermodel hair, linked to this post on FB the other day and it really struck a chord with me, especially the last lines...

"And then there is this blog. The original social network. It’s not going anywhere. Writing stuff here is cathartic for me. Readers are a bonus, but not really required. I may be down 90% since the readership peak in 2006, but I’m still about 1000% above what I ever imagined this could be when O’DonnellWeb 1.0 launched in 1995. So to both of you, thanks for reading :)"

So, I sat down to write this post because I feel like my poor little blog has been abandoned and yet it's the place I love more than any other online because I can find my family here. I feel like I've been throwing up a post here and there when I get a chance and now... I can't think of anything to say. So, here is some randomness.

1. I took Cupcake to the giant BRU and we test drove just about every lightweight stroller model they had including all of the ones you lovely ladies recommended. I think we need to give serious consideration to the only one that made her coo. Seriously. She was cooing riding around in the B-Agile! Our closest two stores were completely sold out of them. The salesman told me they usually sell out as soon as they get a shipment in. I guess they must be popular!

Cupcake was such a crabby butt that day after having a horrible night (more teeth), I swear her only happy moment all day was sitting and riding in that stroller. I was tempted to tell them, you either sell me the floor model or I'm walking out the door with it right now. Reason eventually kicked in and we left, sans stroller, but I loaded up a bunch of stuff to sell to the baby resale shop on the corner and we are on our way to getting one. I did look on Craigslist for a used one but all I saw were wanted ads. The resale value on these seems to be totally worth the expense.

2. One thing I did discover about my daughter is that she doesn't like snack trays. She cried at every stroller I put her in that had one. Weird, huh?

3. And... I'm kind of giddy thinking about the cooler weather coming and going for walks with a happy cooing baby. I just might even try jogging with it. Who knows!

4. With the cooler weather approaching, projects are now first on our minds. I need to paint Cupcake's closet. Then we can put new carpet in her room. I hate carpet, but our bedrooms are so tiny and I want them to feel cozy. I had tile in one of my bedrooms growing up and cozy would not be the first word I would use to describe it. As much as I don't like carpet, I kind of can't think of anything else for a bedroom. Anyone have wood in their bedrooms? What do you think of it? What do your kids think of it?

5. We had some roof damage with a couple of summer storms that came through so that project is first on the list. We think we need half of the roof replaced. The roofer and the insurance guy are still chatting about it. One of these weeks soon we will have a full day of stomping and pounding. I'm thinking we will take our school work to the library that day.

6. Other projects include cleaning out the attic and the garage. Nothing like having a new baby after 7 years of not to help you realize that all that baby stuff you saved is totally worthless! Also, painting the boys' room and the girls' room and the hallway. We could have painted over the summer, but I like to do it when I can open a window.

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. I know this doesn't make up for months of neglect, but hopefully it's a start. : )


  1. The B-Agile rocks! Katie just chills out when she's riding around in it. She's a total grump in the one from our travel system. I think you'll be really happy with the B-Agile if you go that route. Then you'll have to check the giveaways Britax does on FB. I won a few of the accessories by entering them.

    I know what you mean about the old baby stuff being pretty much worthless. I had some items that I couldn't even give away when I took them to Goodwill several months ago. And I have several strollers I can't seem to find homes for.

  2. we have wood in all our bedrooms. we like it a lot. I've had tile and carpet in other houses and wood is by far my favorite. our rooms are tiny too - we have one area rug in the girls room which they use as a play area but the wood is so easy to keep clean as opposed to carpet and spills are very easily dealt with (although there is a ban on food in their room).

    1. My iPad is not letting me post an original comment, so I'll tack mine on here! I love your blog. I had forgotten about it, and just rediscovered you. Hope you are all 100% well soon. We have an older house, built in the 20s, which has wood floors. The whole house was carpeted when we bought it, and I am so happy to have finally pulled up the last of the carpet! The wood floors are in need of refinishing, but the natural wood is still beautiful, and the house is so much fresher and easier to keep that way! I have a big braided area rug in the living room and some kind of area rug in each bedroom. Cleaning up is so easy with wood floors. You can actually sweep up the toy messes with your dry mop, if you want, and have the kids rescue their stuff from the pile. It is less overwhelming for the kids, i think. No more crawling around the bedroom picking up little legos or Petshops! and part of each bedroom cleaning is a wet mopping! The rooms are truly clean, instead of harboring lots of dust, allergents etc in the corners of carpet. I use a floor soap made with linseed oil, and it just smells so good. Don't get the idea that I'm a germ freak. It's just easier to keep closer to my hopes for neatness, with five kids, this way. And the area rugs seem cozy enough for the kids. They play on the floors all the time.

  3. I've previously had carpet and tile in bedrooms but our current house has wood and I love it! Add a throw rug and it's plenty cozy enough for a baby! Our house is also small and I think carpet would make it seem more cramped than wood does.

  4. 1. Kiss that crabby butt for me. :) I cracked up thinking of her cooing when you set her in THE stroller.

    2. Our old house had wood floors in the bedrooms. The kids hated it. I put down rugs but just cheap ones and they really didn't do the trick. This house has carpet and I know I'm nuts for saying I prefer carpet over wood but I do! I think there is something to that element of cozy-ness. That said, I don't allow my children any food/drinks except water in their bedrooms.

    3. Like your randomness. I'm behind on blogging, too. Maybe I'll follow suit.

  5. I'm behind on blogging, too. Somehow I just don't feel up to it. I've been so busy just living life that I haven't wanted to stop at night to blog about it. There's lots to write about, but I only have energy right now to comment on a few blogs that I try to keep up with.:) Anywho....we have wood in our bedrooms except for our master. It's carpeted. Somehow, that room (mine!) doesn't ever feel as clean as the others. The kids have gotten used to playing on wood floor because we only have carpet in the basement (schoolroom) and the family room. All the other floors are tile or wood. It's not the coziest, but they seem to have managed thus far.

  6. I like wood in the bedrooms. I really don't like carpet, though, so that's probably why. I feel like other things can add the cozy touch -- throw rugs, nice bedding, a bean bag (not for babies, obviously).

  7. About carpets: I had a hardwood floor in my bedroom growing up, for a while before my parents carpeted the upstairs floor, and I liked it well enough. I could use my skates. :-) We have hardwood floors in all of the bedrooms (most of our house, actually) but I wish the bedrooms were carpets sometimes. You're right about the cozy factor. Somehow a cluttered floor feels more cluttered if it's also bare. (Or is that "grass is greener"? I don't know.) I really want nice, colorful rugs for the kids' rooms. I'd love a rug or two for our room too but my husband has allergies and so we keep the floor covering area small.

  8. This is the loveliest place on the internet. YOu make it that way, Charlotte -- What is the word on the street about why blog readership has gone down? Are readers distracted by FB and Tweet and Pintrest? Or is it the bloggers who are distracted? Have we just lost the freshness of the thing? Almost nobody posts regularly anymore from my old "haunts" -- including me. But whenever I do go the rounds of my old friends' blogs, I feel uplifted and inspired -- and wonder why I hadn't come by sooner...

  9. Thanks for your arch angel drawings, I'll be using them this weekend in the CCD Class my hubby and I teach...1st Grade! I homeschooled into college also, and now that it's complete, I have lots of Catholic education to share.. so I make up my own curriculum, full of Saints and the Holy Family, and all the deep stuff! Little kids love it!! And CCD is like taking home puppies every year, that never grow old!! We've taugh CCD 3 years, didnt last year, and restarted this fall. I'm also an artist, and really appreciate how beautiful your coloring angels are! To young children beautiful art is inspiration, they can do the "kiddie" style themselves! I like your blog, and am glad you are doing it! God Bless you!! Keep up the good work!!
    I think the whole house in one color wall to wall carpet, light no pattern, (Except kitch and bath) increases the "size of the rooms and with rooms as empty as a bed and breakfast, are the most refreshing, relaxing, quietest, safest, and most memorable for kids as well as adults! I did it once myself by buying all remanents the same color (about) laid them myself, cut them myself, about 10 inches too big, and hired a carpet guy to attach them for a small fee. Next time I had it done professionally. Hey! that was easier!

  10. I'm on a blogging pause right now too. Life has been occupied with projects, schooling, meetings, and moving. Packing up a house is hard stuff! My poor little blog has cobwebs growing from the neglect.


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