Friday, March 15, 2013

{phfr} Habemus Papam!

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 I've had this Rycraft cookie stamp of St. Lucy for several years now and I just got two more...
A moon (so that Cupcake can always have moon cookies) and a tea cup. Aren't they so pretty! I took this picture after I finished using them. The flour in the crevices highlights the design better.


We were very happy to shout "Habemus Papam!" Shortcake and Cupcake were sitting together when the white smoke came out. Cheers and jubilation soon followed. God bless Pope Francis!

Apparently apples are more important to the under two crowd than a new pope. It's understandable. Apples are pretty awesome. (Feed readers will have to click through to see the video.)
I promise, I'm not trying to make Auntie Leila feel bad. I wrote this section before I read about her sewing machine and the mixup with the glue and the oil. I'm so sorry. I hope it's fixable!

 I feel like I've accomplished something real when I get a chance to sit down at the sewing machine. Thanks to my husband and big kids for holding down the fort while I sew.
I made two blankets recently. This one is for Cupcake who likes to have a nest of blankets around her when she sleeps. The fabric is called Vintage Circus and I love it! I thought it looked kind of Curious George inspired when I first saw it. While I was checking out, the lady at the counter said, "That reminds me of Curious George!" True story!

And this one for a sweet little boy who is hopefully coming to Texas some day with his family. 
I wasn't sure of the colors in the blanket when I had it all disassembled, but I think it really came together in the end. The kids commented that the bandanas looked like blue jeans and the boots only added to the effect. I'm calling it Blue Jeans and Boots. Original, I know. But it fits. 

I don't know why the funky formatting. I think the video embed is throwing things off. I didn't get this posted yesterday but Auntie Leila says it's OK, so... happy Friday!


  1. Love the blanket and the okie presses. The designs on both are great. Could I ask what "Habemus Papam" means? I'm not catholic but have followed fhe proceedings with great interest. :-)

    1. It's Latin for "we have a Pope". The format for the announcement when a cardinal is elected Pope is:

      Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum:
      Habemus Papam;
      Eminentissimum ac reverendissimum Dominum,
      Dominum [praenomen] Sanctæ Romanæ Ecclesiæ Cardinalem [nomen],
      Qui sibi nomen imposuit [Nomem pontificalem].

      In English, it reads:

      I announce to you a great joy:
      We have a Pope!
      The most eminent and most reverend Lord,
      Lord [First Name] Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church [Last Name],
      Who takes for himself the name of [Papal Name].

  2. Oh my goodness. That is the cutest Habemus Papam ever!

    Why didn't I think to get Anthony to say it? Is it too late? We've been trying to get him to say Pope Francis. Already he does know how to say "Pope" and knows to point to the guy in white and say it.

  3. Cupcake is so so cute! I could just watch that video over and over!

    And those cookie presses! I can think of one little girl in my home who would love at least one of those. I'll have to remember them for a future gift.

  4. I have to go to confession now because I am covering your circus fabric. I recently bought some bandanas to make a quilt for one of my godsons, my BFF, baby Frank the Fourth. Lots of Franks/Francises in my fam.

  5. When you come to TX you need to swing over to Hobby Lobby and get you some!!!

  6. I have one of those Rycraft cookie presses and when I used it, it was a complete flop! Do you have a good recipe you'd be willing to share? So many of them are lovely and I'd really like to get a few more, but I don't want to invest in something I fail at making! hahaha

    Your sewing is beautiful. Someday...someday I'm going to get it.

    1. Andrea, I just use a basic cut out cookie recipe. I'll send it to you because I can't find it online right now. The trick with the stamps is to season them with a toothbrush and oil a couple of times and then, press them into flour first. The first time I used my new ones, they stuck, but I just scraped all the dough off and tried again and they worked better. The more you use them, the better they perform.


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