Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This song...

...has been in my head non-stop since I heard it yesterday. Mark Shea has every right to brag about his son. What a good dad. What a sweet song!

I love to hear you singing. I love that little voice ringing out from your bedroom when you should be sleeping, ten o-clock on a Thursday evening ABC's. Baa baa black sheep. Through  a mouth full of baby teeth. You sound so sweet. 
I love that little smile. You only have it for a little while longer now. I don't know how I'm gonna live without it when it's gone. A wonder of the world sold to no one for 3 bucks in quarters from the fairy's wand. But I'm sure I'll be OK when I see the new one. 
I love your stubby fingers. I love when you pretend they're the stingers of strange tickling beasts. I love your knees and I'm sorry they got hurt when you fell down. I even love your frown. 
ABC's. Baa baa black sheep. 
Through a mouth full of baby teeth. 
You sound so sweet. ~ Luke Shea


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