Friday, July 12, 2013

7QT: 5 rooms 1 pic

Today is the last day for Sarah's Virtual {Twin} Baby Shower! She's made it 37 weeks! She's given those boys a huge gift, one that I am also praying for for Dwija and her little man.

Jessica linked up with Cari's Theme Thursday yesterday for the theme "Rooms" and showed us three rooms in one picture (with some cute photobombers to boot). I said that I thought I could get 5 rooms in one pic and then decided to see if I actually could. It wasn't as straight of a shot as I thought it would be. The room I'm standing in is our front living room/ foyer area. Beyond the french doors (with the ugly shiny gold handles) is our dry bar. I don't know if it technically counts as another room but it sits inside this living room/dining room combo so I'm counting it. Beyond the wood floor, where you see the white chairs and the tiny dog who is perpetually hunting for more food is our breakfast nook. The yellowish brown room beyond Cupcake's play kitchen is the real kitchen and through the last doorway, the room with the blue curtain, is my laundry room. So, by my count, that's 5 rooms in one pic. Do I win a prize?

The Professor had his first full week of work this week, all-day camps instead of just half-day. He's packed his lunch everyday and I've been slipping little memes inside, mostly Lord of the Rings stuff. This one was his favorite:

It reminded me of the little notes I used to slip into Husband's lunch bag when we were newly married. My, how things have changed! Now, I send him emails with titles like "Funny!" or "Read this later when you can LOL" that include things like this:
Courtesy of BuzzFeed (language warning)

It seems there might be a little tummy bug going around here. Just when Cupcake was getting over her distress, BigBoy wakes up feeling kind of queasy and rumbly. If it is a little tummy bug. it's very mild and seems to be mostly confined to the lower GI region. but it's still no fun.

My girls and I found this online Jane Austen mad lib site and had some fun with it. You might like it too.

Something funny to finish this off...
And every Doctor Who fan in the world shouted, "DON"T DO IT!!!"


  1. The meme is hilarious. :) I bet he loves those.

    37 weeks!!! Squeeee!!!!

  2. Love that Spartan meme. I'm going to have to share that one on fb. And yes! Back away from the Martian water. Sca-ry! LOL!

    Look at me! Reading blogs and leaving comments and stuff! Wow, it's been awhile. :)

  3. We have the same chandelier! How funny!

  4. Love the Lord of the Rings note! Very clever!


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