Thursday, July 11, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Stinkin' Hot edition


~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ with the lovely ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter

 This little girl right here. Pretty as a picture in her pixie haircut. I couldn't stand the straggly hairs anymore so I cut them off. Her hair just won't grow! My mom says mine wouldn't either. Sigh. Why have none of my girls inherited their father's amazingly thick wavy hair gene? Sigh. OK, enough of that. This link-up is supposed to be all about capturing contentment. And I am perfectly content with my little pixie munchkin!

 Outside, outside...
I love playing outside!
Seeing these pictures back to back makes it look like Cupcake's getting ready for cheerleader tryouts. These were taken last week, not this week. Last week our temperatures were bearable for outside play. This week, we are hunkering down and trying to stay cool. My back porch topped out at 108 degrees yesterday. That's ok... we've got math to do and some movies to watch.

What?! You've never had a chug-the-coffee-through-a-straw-kind-of-morning?

His first, real paycheck! The Professor was so excited. The opening called for the use of a special tool that he had received as a Christmas gift. {affiliate link}

Where are you finding contentment these days?


  1. Her pixie haircut is darling! I love the meme, too funny! We are also having the sweltering heat, and also in Texas. Last week was heaven though!

  2. Envy Me Now! As my windows are open and birds are chirping, the current temp is a balmy 73 degrees. Then we can do role reversal in January through April. You could always come up for some lovely Chicago summer of your own...hint...hint...

    1. Hah! I will gladly tolerate my summers vs. your winters! At least I can go outside, if I need like...5 o'clock in the morning! If I come visit you, can we go get tapas?

  3. Cupcake! That picture with her arms up kills me. SUCH a cutie pie.

  4. Yay, Cupcake! She's so cute.
    And Huzzah! to the Professor. How wonderful to have cool employment! (and naturally I completely agree with Boromir's sentiments)

  5. Cupcake is so cute with her new haircut and congrats to the Professor! Last week we had the 100's F and today it's 77F with a nice breeze so I took advantage and cleaned my carpets so the breeze will help dry them.


  6. She is getting so big and even cuter.

  7. Little Miss Tweetums is so cute :)


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