Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Treasure Hunt

We weren't able to get an All Hallows Eve party going this year.  BigBoy is the only one even remotely interested in dressing up (Cupcake won't let me put a bow in her hair much less any kind of costume) so his simple request was for a costumed treasure hunt like we've done before. He's already figured out a costume for Bl. Nicholas Postgate, one of the 85 Martyrs of England and Wales. Yeah... kind of obscure but my BigBoy likes a challenge! Who says saint costumes are boring? 
Since the kids are getting older, I made this treasure hunt a little more challenging. I'm sharing it here because I'm pretty sure it could be used in anyone's house. There are a couple of alternative hiding places if for example you don't have a particular one accessible. The clues are sort-of-kind-of connected to what the different saints are the patrons of. Whether your start your celebration the morning of or the night before, here is wishing you a Happy Feast of All Hallows! Be safe, have fun!

You can download the files via Scribd by clicking the links below:

Clues to Print (The two pictures at the end are optional. They are supposed to be cut up and placed in an envelope for the children to reassemble in order to figure out where to go next. Please excuse the my very unpoetic, cheesy rhymes. I wrote them early this morning.)

Saintly Treasure Hunt Key (this tells you where to hide which clue... don't let the kids see it!)

Treat Bag Labels (I'm making little labels for my kids' treat bags and thought I'd share them too.)