Monday, November 4, 2013

Jesse Tree Swap #3!

Hi… My name is Charlotte… and I'm a Jesse Tree Swap addict.
But this is my last year, I promise. You know, I can quit anytime…

Seriously, my kids love when that box arrives and we open the ornaments one by one and try to figure out who they represent (or in some cases, what they are). They ooh and aah over every teeny, tiny detail and delight at the creativity of so many friends we've never met and yes, sometimes chuckle at the different interpretations of the symbols. (Not in a mean way! Nonononono! In an I-never-would-have-thought-of-that kind of way)

This year, we are participating in Karen's swap and I chose Mary. I wanted to make something similar to the St. Elizabeth I made last year for Jessica T's swap. Since this was supposed to be Mary from the Annunciation, I didn't need to make her visibly pregnant like St. Elizabeth so after trying a couple of different variations… (like this flying nun version)...
I settled on a white, painted body with an embroidery thread belt and a blue felt veil that was pinned down to the sides with a little dab of glue lest a good, strong breeze carry Our Lady away. Just like last year's St. Elizabeth, there is an embroidery thread hanger attached to the top of the veil.

I was going to do a wordy tutorial showing you step by step how to make this and apologizing for my unattractive fingernails but I didn't know if anyone would really be interested (unless maybe you are doing a Jesse Tree Swap too) so I just put this little collage together instead and I'll let the pictures do the talking. 


  1. How sweet! This is my first time participating in a swap and I already know I'd do it again in a heartbeat... and we haven't even received the ornaments yet! Thanks for the little tutorial!

  2. Your creations are absolutely darling, as always!

  3. Very cute! I actually did the Mary ornaments for Karen's swap #2. I am pretty happy with them, but they are certainly not as creative as yours!

    1. I'm sure yours are lovely! Every has a different style and different tastes. That's what makes easy swap unique and part of the reason I can't stop agreeing to them!

  4. Ooooo how cute. I signed up with Karen's swap #1 too! We have Ruth and her wheat. I just bought the supplies this weekend...thanks for the inspiration to finish THIS week!

  5. Oh Charlotte, she is lovely. I had to pull out, a blood clot has developed in my arm giving me intense pain. I felt terrible, I had to pull out of making costumes for a play as well - something I love. God has a way of slowing us down sometimes.
    I hope Karen will let me try again next year - I can easily see why you are an addict, I would love to receive those boxes as well!

  6. So cute!!! I am so bad about Jesse Trees. I would love to do one and I never do. :(

  7. A Jesse Tree Swap addict, LOL! So glad you joined mine all those years ago, :)

  8. I am in the swap too. #1 and #2- so does that make me an addict also? haha!! I put my pics up too. You did a great job on Mary!

  9. We also participated in swap #1 (we made #3 - the serpent and apple) and were so excited to receive our box yesterday! My almost 2-year-old daughter has claimed your Mary ornament as her own... I have a feeling I'll be needing to follow your tutorial to make a spare (or two!) so we'll have one to keep with the Jesse Tree set and one for her to "love." I also think I'll be needing to find somewhere high and out of reach to put our tree so she doesn't take both Mary's. :-) Thanks so much for making such a beautiful ornament and for sharing the tutorial! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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