Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Many Faces (and boots) of Cupcake

Would you mind offering a quick prayer for my brother, Brian? Today is his birthday and the first one without his sweet bride. Thank you!
I had to include the boots! They are very special to her, or so she tells me. Literally. She actually came up to me and asked the other day, "Can I have my rain boots? They are very special to me."

It's Potty Time for Miss Cupcake meaning that we've begun potty training. (Did you know that there is an app for that!?! Calling Rachel is her favorite thing to do.) Things are going very well. She hasn't been my easiest to train… that would be Miss Shortcake who pretty much taught herself just by watching her older siblings. But she certainly hasn't been the hardest (we won't reveal who that was because I'd like for him not to hate me forever).

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Cupcake is so cute! <3

  2. She's adorable! Good luck with the potty training. So far our littlest one was the easiest. It took just one accident which she thought was the worst thing ever to get things to really click for her. Now she's working on staying dry at night and during naps because she doesn't like those pesky pull ups.

    1. Karen,
      She was routinely waking up with dry diapers which is part of the reason I knew she was ready to try potty training. We still put a Pull-up on just in case.

  3. Praying for your brother.
    Miss cupcake is just adorable in those butterfly boots!

  4. I will keep your brother in my prayers. Thanks for letting us know since prayer is so powerful. Cupcake is so cute! It's amazing how munch she resembles her biggest brother! Actually, all your kids carry a strong family gene.

  5. Cupcake is the cutest. I love her sweet face. Patty is right, all your kids have a look to them. She definitely fits the mold.

    And the boots! My girls would adore those.

    We're still dragging our feet getting onto the potty train. Sigh. Maybe I'll try that app.

    Prayers for your brother going up now.

    Also, your blog had a button for signing out right where I thought the submit comment button should be. This is my second attempt at writing a comment. Grrr.


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