Friday, May 2, 2014

7QT: Princess bunnies and potty woes

Cupcake's Cuteness:
"Here comes The Cuteness!"

Whenever we get Cupcake dressed in an especially cute outfit, we yell out of her bedroom door, "Here comes The Cuteness!" as she prances down the hallway to show off her snazzy self. Now, she says it herself. Gee, I can't guess why she thinks she's the Queen of the Castle.

Cupcake Quips:
Waking up early, running out of her bedroom into her Daddy's arms, "I was so sad. I had a bad dream. Mommy stole and broke my Postitos!"

(Those would actually be her Doritos and yes I did crush them because she tends to choke on them if I don't. I had no idea it was so traumatic for her. Sometimes I think she's so big and then she proves that she's still my little girl.

 Cupcake's Potty Training
Chocolate Princess Bunny from Grammie

I took this picture of Cupcake admiring her lovely Easter gift from her Grammie and then realized that I'd made her the promise that she could take a bite of it if she finally did #2 in the potty. She hadn't yet done it and we were going on day 2.5 of toilet training! That might sound cruel and even look cruel considering the way she is holding it so lovingly in this picture but I considered it an incentive or a reward. Should I start saving for her therapy bills now?

She earned her reward that day!

But she's still having some trouble with this particular issue, so I'm looking for advice. I've only ever had one other child who was so reluctant to do #2 in the potty (potty chair or insert seat didn't matter). Thankfully, she's not capable of withholding for as long as that child was (8 days!!!). I thought that after a few successes she'd get the hang of it, you know? Normally, I am not one to push potty training believing that waiting is the best remedy to difficulties, but she is doing such an amazing job with every other area that I just can't see stopping right now. She regularly wakes up dry after her nap and even nighttime. She flushes with success and is flushed with success! Hahah... just a little potty humor for you. I don't know that she would go back to the diapers now.

Also, she's developed a little rash/itchy patch on the top part of her little bum. I read online that it's probably just some irritation due to slightly sensitive skin being more exposed. Have any of you ever had this happen to a little one? I know it itches her, because I see her scratching it and see the little finger nail marks. I'm wondering if it's the Pull-ups that we put on at nap time and nighttime? Or maybe chafing from the band of her new underwear? Thoughts? It only showed up after we started potty training, I'm sure of that. Thanks!

So, something weird happened a couple of weeks ago. I was talking about "selflies" with my girls. About their benefits and their drawbacks. About how this younger generation seems obsessed with them in a way that the older generations can't seem to understand. (I have always hated to have my picture taken. It's not just a vain I'm-getting-older-kind of thing. I've always shied away from cameras. I'm sure a therapist could spend lots of time talking about that…) So, I was trying to be a good mom and demonstrate that I can get over my hangups and challenge myself. I took some selfies with my phone and then edited some. I had a few left over so I let the kids pick one to edit for me. I was so pleased with their artistic editing jobs that I decided to post one on IG saying...

That's it. I'm letting my children edit every picture of me from here 'til eternity. They make me look better than I ever could.

It's true! Those clever filters have a way of smoothing out the wrinkles and washing out all the grey! Amiright?  The funny thing was that immediately after posting it, IG went down for like... the whole world!!! Argh… I killed IG! That, people, is why I don't post selfies!  ;)

So, I couldn't really tease you with that and then not post the pictures, right? From left to right, starting with the top left… The Professor's picture, Sunshine's, Shortcake's and Bigboy's. I guess I could have just said "birth order". Cupcake didn't get to do one because knowing her, she would have LEGOed me!

And last, but certainly not least, the woman of the hour is… Miss Jennifer Fulwiler! Check out my Kindle lineup from the other day. It's changed a little bit since then. I've finished Jen's book and I have to say that I am completely impressed. If I hadn't read her blog all this time and seen the posts about her rewrites all these years, I wouldn't have believed that this book had that many incarnations. It flows so seemingly effortlessly, so smoothly. I highly recommend Something Other Than God. It was quite literally a couldn't-put-it-down read. Congratulations, Jen, on a job truly well done!


  1. You look so beautiful! Really, stunning. You should be in more photos!

    A little potty training advice...wait until five no. twos and I bet she'll be fine. Faith was hesitant at first also. It helped when I made almost no big deal, basically ignoring her while she "prepared" or noticed it was coming. Also, she also had a rash on her bottom and the dermatologist, also a mom of a girl who rashed during potty training, said she had no idea why it happened, but it happens. Try using just a wet washcloth after, not a baby wipe, and some A&D ointment, or something similar (but maybe different than your normal diaper cream so she doesn't regress)

    1. Thanks Barbara! I really thought when I first saw it that it was just some irritation due to the change of circumstances. Everything I'm finding online seems to agree with that. We did switch to Pampers' version of the Pull-Up because they seem a little softer and I went up a size so that they wouldn't be too tight on her. I'm using Aquaphor right now. Didn't think to use actually diaper ointment because I didn't think it was a wet rash issue since it's so high. We are only at two #2's right now with one success and one accident. I will try to hang in there a while longer and see how she does. She's doing so great with everything else though, I really can't believe it! :)

    2. Aquaphor should work the same. A pair of cotton training pants might feel better on the rash than pull-ups.

      And I bet by Monday she's got it down. I always took bottoms off at home ( a little dress makes for easy quick potty trips).

  2. I can't believe I'm writing about #2 in "public" but regarding potty training and #2 phobias, does she have hard stools? The only one of my seven children who had difficulty "letting go" for #2 was the one who had this problem. As a toddler still wearing diapers, he'd go in a corner and bear down and grunt for #2. I think when we were potty training, he had difficulty being in a different position (not squatting). He refused to go #2 until I put a diaper on him. His break through moment came when he ran to me without his underwear, bare bottomed and asked for his diaper. I refused, he started dancing around the room in pain, then stood stock still with this "uh-oh" look on his face. My husband scooped him and plunked him down on the toilet where everything came out fine. After that he had no #2 phobia. I also cut back on the starches in his diet to help him go with more ease. Kids are so weird.

    1. Thanks for your advice. She doesn't typically have any difficulty going but she does usually like to go when she's off by herself and playing quietly with a toy or something. I have upped her fruit and juice intake to make it easier for her. Maybe I should see about cutting back on the starches without eliminating too much fiber.

  3. my current 4yo STILL will not do number 2 on the potty...sigh


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