Saturday, December 13, 2014

How we do St. Lucy Day...

Heather over at Audrey Eclectic is having a St. Lucia Day blog procession. Have you seen her amazing artwork? I'm trying to decide between 2 or 4 or 10 of her pieces because I love them all so much. Here is a little peek at our celebration.

St. Lucy Day was never a tradition in my family or my husband's since neither of us are of Scandinavian descent, but I bought a Lucy Wreath (with a matching one for her dolly) when my oldest daughter, Sunshine, was only a few months old and we've been enjoying this special day ever since. 

I made my own wreath for daughter #2, Rain, also with a matching dolly wreath. Look at how tiny they were!!! This year, they opted not to wear their wreaths but instead, passed them down to Cupcake.

Our St. Lucy Day always includes dressing up for the girls, bread or cinnamon rolls with candles, decorations, books and waking everyone up early for breakfast. We've never done the bringing food into the bed, rather, the girls simply wake everyone and call them to the table for breakfast. I think those Scandinavians probably stayed in bed because it was warmer there than anywhere else! (The cold never bothers us here in Texas!) Today, we will put lights on our tree and then go looking at Christmas lights tonight.

So, that's our tradition. 15 years going strong and beloved now by the oldest and youngest ones alike. Just this morning I promised to make Lucy Wreaths for all of my future granddaughters and my girls squealed with delight!

Lord, may the intercession of Your Virgin and Martyr, St. Lucy, help us so that, as we celebrate her heavenly birthday on earth, we may contemplate her triumph in heaven. Amen.

Happy St. Lucy Day!