Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Lady of Guadalupe

{Etsy shop update… SOLD OUT :: I had intended to continue taking orders until tomorrow but I am sold out of most of my supplies and I won't have a chance to restock anytime soon. If you placed an order in the past two days, I will still be able to fulfill your order and have it mailed out by Monday at the latest. Check back during Lent if you'd like to place an order for Easter.  Thanks so much.}

It's the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe today. We've been celebrating like this for years. The littlest ones (and some of the bigger ones) love decorating the table cloth with pretty star stickers so that it resembles Mary's starry mantle.

I found this lovely little candle at a local store. Cupcake loves that it's pink! We will enjoy some Aztec Hot Chocolate for an after dinner treat. I'm thinking we will try either this recipe or this one. You might also enjoy this coloring page  I made many moons ago. Cupcake is not big into coloring just yet. And, of course, offer a prayer for the unborn.

We will be reading Cupcake's favorite OLG book… it's a pop-up. Who doesn't love a pop-up? In fact, she's been "loving" it so much, I might need to order another copy. Pop-ups are no fun when they only flop-up.

It doesn't take much to celebrate a feast day. Food, books, a special decoration and the "why" shared with your kids. It's what this online Catholic community has been sharing with each other for years to encourage each other to celebrate feast days and make new traditions. Don't let anyone make you think it's some new innovation or some difficult thing accomplish. And for Pedro's sake, don't fall for shameless self-promotion gimmicks. Do what works for your family. That means some families will do more and some will do less. It doesn't matter. Just do something. Enjoy this special day!